Education Consultant

 Curriculum Development for dual language and Worl-language programs.

Helping world-language, dual language immersion, and heritage language programs.

Curricultum development

Program implementation

Professional development

Focus areas of consultation and professional development:

Understanding the "Backward Design" curriculum model; 
Visible Learning principles;
World-language Standards, and Can-do Statements.

Curriculum development for Dual Language Immersion, World-language, and Heritage language programs;
Proficiency-based curriculum design;

Project-based learning, Content-based, Task-based, and Integrated Performance Assessment models of instruction.

Biliteracy, critical pedagogy, and the 21st Century literacy skills.
Best-practices on using bilingual learners' resources in classroom.

Who am I? 

Ivian Destro Boruchowski, M.Ed.

My expertise is education towards bilingualism. Specifically, I am a curriculum specialist, instructional specialist, and consultant that is designing language programs and textbook for schools. I have helped schools to prepare teachers implement best-practices in education. I am currently designing curriculum and materials for Heritage Language, World-language, and Dual Language programs.